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Hot Fiction are pleased to announce the "Complete Hot Fiction Collection". After repeated requests, we are making both Hot Fiction albums and their artwork available in a limited physical run. Don't forget that Hot Fiction's music is FREE to download from our band website! However, if you crave a little something more then this collection is the one for you.

In this modern digital age, the disc is becoming a thing of the past, this is great in a lot of ways, but some people want something physical for their shelves, their walls and their hands! Now, Hot Fiction's two album releases are available together in a new and unique way! For just £10, you'll receive the artwork of the band's latest album "album "Apply Within" as a vinyl sleeve! It's the perfect poster or display piece and a great way to support the band, while enjoying the convenience of your mp3s!

In addition the bundle includes the band's first album "Dark Room" on a flat, shiny, round, plastic sheet that people used to call CD's. Use it as the face for a school clock project or a reflector to flag down passing airships!

You will receive:
- A copy of Dark Room, Hot Fiction's first album on CD (signed)
- A copy of the vinyl artwork of Apply Within, Hot Fiction's second album (signed)
- A CDR copy of Apply Within (original lossless format).
- The complete lyrics sheet of Apply Within
- A original launch gig flier and launch card, copies of these were given out at the launch of Apply Within, London October 2012.

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