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Apply Within

by Hot Fiction

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There she lay, her body barely touching mine. Seventeen and in love for the first time. No-one wants to head back home, Find she's making her calls From some beaten up payphone. Her lips, they parted, to start it off. Gonna learn things come to her (that part's enough). No-one wants to come back home, Find she's making her calls From some beaten-up payphone. I've been there before and I won't go back Because I don't want to go there again.
No Soul 04:13
There is no soul, life is what you make it, My body's not some conduit, It's a system in itself. There's no soul, my brain is not some prison, It's an ever-changing prism, Through which I see the world. I've come to my senses, I see what is real. Through all my pretences, I finally feel. When something evil takes a hold. A hold of you. Oh don't you pretend it has control, Of the things that you do.
Old News 02:57
She's in her first flush of youth, And he's riding to reach her. He's been driving all night, He's got his eyes in the gutter. And it's old news shouted louder. It's a quarter to four, By the time that he gets there, And when she answers the door, Gonna make sure, He never forgets her. And it's old news shouted louder. Can you feel him coming honey? 'Cause he is feeling you. Can you feel him coming honey? He's gonna make one night of two.
When every heart mends itself piece by piece, It grows stronger than before, It beats harder than before. And when tired eyes stare towards a setting sun, They might see with every end, A new beginning has begun.
Well I see your moral compass, And I raise you common sense, Because you thought you'd made an entrance, But you just made a bloody mess. And now I see your hands are shaking, And I know your secret shame, Because you thought you'd found an answer, But you just found someone to blame. And you can tell an empty vessel, Because it makes the loudest noise, You keep telling me you're the chosen one, But you were the only choice.
Gotta Go 05:23
Gotta go, 'cause I don't have a choice, 'Cause my eyes are too hard to read. Try to sing but I don't have a voice, Sadness took the breath from me. Took the breath from me. There's so much love, And it's living inside my veins, And it's looking for somewhere to go, That isn't down the drain. Gotta go where no-one know my name, Might get lost, but I'll get free. Tried to stay but nothing stays the same, See the road ahead of me. See the road ahead of me. And there's so much love, Yeah it's waiting inside of me, It's looking for a reason to leave, That isn't a fantasy. And it goes on, Sweet nothing at all. 'Cause the things that we have, Aren't the the things that we want.
I don't want to sleep, 'cause I don't want to wake. I've got enough unhelpful thoughts To last a couple of days. Late to bed, and late to rise. I'm never quite as tired, As when I open my eyes. I would never worry, about anybody. I would always be the one, to play the fool. Then one day it struck me that everything I wanted, Was everything I'd tried to leave behind, But had stood by my side. Broken in a good way, That is its perfection. Just twisted fragile parts, Casting shadows and reflections. Broken in a good way, you might say. 'Cause on that day I noticed, My parts without a purpose, Were scattered to the waves, They were washed aside, By wisdom now resurfaced. I was broken in a good way, you might say.
She's more distant, every day and night, As bleeding colours fade to black and white. And though her words may speak of better times, Her eyes betray the changes in her mind. She turns her head aside. She looks at me. Just flesh and bone protecting memory. And every sparkle that attracted me, Is just the science of her harmony.
Well can I hear a sound? You're not alone, cause I'm gonna keep you. I'm on your side, I'm not gonna leave you. Baby take my hand, Won't you understand, I wanna be your man. Talk is cheap enough, For the two of us, To fall in love. 'Cause I'm done looking for the pieces of the puzzle, In my head, 'Cause I'm finding all the pieces of the puzzle, In my heart. Well can I hear a sound?
It's beautiful, but I don't need to see it. Just to know it's there if I need it, Is enough for me to feel it. In the fullness of time, we will find a place where love will want to stay. In the fullness of view we'll see though This manner of travelling. I was walking with a ghost, I was living on a grid, Context cluttering my head, No matter what I did. In the fullness of time, We will find a place where love will want to stay. In the fullness of view we'll see though, A manner of travelling. I don't need a destination, I just need a way to go. It's the process not the product, That always teaches you the most. But I know in the fullness of time we will find, A manner of travelling.


released October 18, 2012

Made by Hot Fiction.
Mastered by Carl Saff.

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Hot Fiction London, UK

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